zondag 31 augustus 2008

Vuelta TTT : Euskaltel magnificent !!!!

This year the Vuelta d'España started with a 7.7 kilometres long team time trial in Granada. Liquigas set the first time and it stayed on top of the tables. Euskaltel came closest to this time only 8 seconds behind. With this second place, Euskaltel probably got his best place in a team time trial ever !! A really super great result!! Ivan Velasco and Alan Perez weren't able to keep track with the other 7, but I'm sure they did their work in the beginning of the race.

1 Liquigas 8.21 (55.33 km/h)
2 Euskaltel - Euskadi 0.08
3 Caisse d'Epargne 0.09

General Rank
1 Filippo Pozzato (Ita) Liquigas 8.21
2 Valerio Agnoli (Ita) Liquigas
3 Manuel Quinziato (Ita) Liquigas
8. Igor Anton +0:08
9. Koldo Fernandez +0:08
10. Mikel Astarloza +0:08
11. Iñigo Landaluze +0:08
12. Egoi Martinez +0:08
13. Amets Txurruka +0:08
14. Ruben Perez +0:08
137. Alan Perez +0:30
157. Ivan Velasco +0:57

2 opmerkingen:

arnout zei

Man, what a surprise that was! I hoped for a 10th place, and now they got second!

Anton looks very strong in a thing which doesn't suit him, coming over the line as number one. It is him who pushes the team on the photo huh? Looking forward even more to this Vuelta!

Lizzard4567 zei

Yes he looks super !! They are going to make us proud :)