zondag 31 augustus 2008

Vuelta 1 : Egoi in the attack

In the first real stage of the Tour of Spain, Euskaltel was once again in the front. Egoi Martinez pulled of a great attack, first with 3 others, then only with Rosendo, but he failed and with 20 kilometres to go his story was over. Then Iñigo Landaluze tried to get away from the peloton with some others but that didn't work out. In the end Koldo couldn't keep up with the pace and couldn't sprint with the others. Anton was the first Euskaltel rider to finish on a 24th place. Amets Txurruka lost, like in the Tour, some time.

1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne 4.23.00 (40.221 km/h)
2 Davide Rebellin (Ita) Gerolsteiner 0.02
3 Alessandro Ballan (Ita) Lampre
24. Igor Anton +0:02
34. Alan Perez +0:02
38. Iñigo Landaluze +0:02
39. Ruben Perez +0:02
50. Egoi Martinez +0:02
62. Ivan Velasco +0:02
82. Mikel Astarloza +0:02
102. Koldo Fernandez +0:31
111. Amets Txurruka +0:57

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arnout zei

Stage was a little to heavy for Koldo, but he ended almost together with Bennati, Boonen and Freire, so no panic.

Egoi looked so strong. What a pity that his companions weren't better, otherwise he would have had a chance. And still finishing on a solid 50th place after such an effort, great stuff! I think we will hear more from him this Vuelta!