zaterdag 13 september 2008

Samu leaving Euskaltel ?

After the heartbreaking news about Haimar Zubeldia, we, Euskaltelfans, are in for another 'treat'. Yesterday the news came out that there's a possibility that Samuel Sanchez will leave the team too. First there was the news that he will get a 1.2 million contract from Cervelo, but now there's also interest from the new Russian team Katyusha. Madariage said that they won't going to just 'give' him away and they will be offering him 900.000, but I think more will be impossible. I really really really hope Samuel will make the right decision and stay with the team that made him the rider he is now!

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Monika zei

Stay stay stay... *hope* If he goes, he will lose a lot of fans...