maandag 22 september 2008

Vuelta Round up

Although I haven't been able to update my blog, I have been able to follow the Vuelta and notice the ups and downs of the team. After the one 'black' day in the Vuelta where Egoi obviously lost his jersey, and the super strong Igor Anton had to give up, everything seemed over. Despite this, the remaining boys did gave everything in their bodies to gain a stage, but unfortunately they didn't succeed. I saw a very strong Alan Perez, whose ready to win a big race in the upcoming year and should have won the stage that Erviti won. Koldo once again wasn't able to win but did a good job in placing himself among the best, now he has to take the next level next year. Amets Txurruka also deserves a special mention just because of all the work he did for the team !!!

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