donderdag 25 september 2008

What's still to come in 2008?

With the end of the Vuelta, the last goal of the season for Euskaltel is over, but of course the finish ain't over yet. First of all we will get the World Championships with our Samuel Sanchez. What will the spanish tactics be? Will the race be a tough one? and of course : will Samu be able to win this medal too. All the answers on sunday so stay tuned! For Euskaltel three races are still to go, two of them in France with the Tour de Vendée and Paris-Tour. We should probably don't get our hopes to high up for these but for the third race, the Tour de Lombardia we can expect something. Last year Euskaltel did a very good job there so I'm hoping that Euskaltel will do well on Italian ground for once.

Next to the races, we also hope for some new transfers. The first that come to my mind are Castroviejo, Herrero, Intxausti and Gaztañaga, but of course there are other great riders from the Basque Country so you never know.

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