maandag 20 augustus 2007

Eneco Tour and Vuelta line-up

Due to a fall in the Vatenfall Cyclassics Gorka Verdugo will not be able to compete in the coming Eneco Tour. Although his injuries seem less bad than earlier mentioned, he probably wont compete anymore. He will be replaced by sprinter Aitor Galdos and I think this is a great thing because there will be some sprints in the eneco tour where he can show his skills. And I would love to meet him too :P
Today they also anounced the team for the vuelta, not the whole team yet but a group of ten riders of wich 9 will ride it. The team is : Samuel Sanchez, Haimar Zubeldia, Igor Anton, Inigo Landaluze, Inaki Isasi, Koldo Fernandez, Aitor Hernandez, Dionisio Galparsoro, Juan Jose Oroz and Alan Perez.

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