vrijdag 21 september 2007

Allan Davis to Euskaltel ???

According to the site www.wieleruitslagen.be Allan Davis has got an offer from Euskaltel for 2008 and would be very interested in it. He also has offers from 5 other teams, but this one he preferred. I'm not quite sure if this news is true but if it is, I don't know if I'm really happy with it. First of all he's Australian and not Basque and he was on the Fuentes list, although he was removed from it immediately. I also don't understand why Euskaltel would be interested in a sprinter with Aitor Galdos and Koldo Fernandez doing really good and improving every race.

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

he talks euskera, is living there and has basque relatives. also in comparison to other reams they have less sprinters

Lizzard4567 zei

Oh really, didn't know that about him ! Actually I don't know alot about him :p

Magnus zei

Yeah, he's almost Basque, so I wasn't really surprised by the news. Davis is a great sprinter and classics riders, so that would be one hell of a signing.