vrijdag 14 september 2007

Interview with Koldo Fernandez

Today you can find an interview with Koldo Fernandez in El Correo and sinche he's doing really good I thought it might be nice to have it in english too. http://www.elcorreodigital.com/vizcaya/20070914/deportes/mas-deporte/cada-freno-menos-20070914.html

-Do you remember your first sprint ?
My first race was the Circuit the Vitoria and I won it because an early escape. My first important sprint was at the Spanish Championships for cadets and I won, and later I won the youth title too.
- Do you like to be a sprinter or did you prefer to be another sprinter ?
When I was an amateur I had to lose weight to be better in the mountains but when I became a pro I had more gymnasion to get more muscles and power and someone noticed it.
-Who are your models ?
Cipollini was the greatest ! Petacchi tried to copy him but he doesn't have the class.
-Do you have alot of nerves ?
Yeah it's what bothers me the most. The pressure I put on myself. In the mountains I'm scared to get out of the races and in the sprint I'm nervous to win.
-Does it cost a lot of power to fight against those nerves ?
A lot ! In the sprint in Zaragoza where I became sprint I crossed the finish totally blocked. I was really nervous.
-How do you fight against those nerves ?
I do some relaxation techniques, but I should do more.

-The best sprinters in the world are in the Vuelta, how does it feel to be among them ?
It gives respect. You know it will be difficult to win but when I became second in a stage, I gained lots of respect. I know much can happen in a sprint and I know I can win.
- Who is the best sprinter in this Vuelta ?
Freire, I think his much better than Petacchi
-In which sprinter can you see yourself ?
Perhaps Freire. I do not have his intuition but when I'm behind Petacchi or Benatti I can ride a good 75-100 metres.
- Do you have time to think in the sprint ?
No, you see sprinters like McEwen and Napolitano using their elbows and you just do the same. You dont have time to think or to be scared.

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