dinsdag 4 september 2007

Euskaltel 2008 : More fired riders

Euskaltel announced something more today about the team for 2008. We already knew that Andoni Aranaga was fired, Unai Etxebarria would stop and Aketza Peña was caught for doping so this was logical but the next news is new and sad. Also Joseba Zubeldia, Iban Mayoz, Iban Iriondo and Unai Uirbarri have to look for another team. I'm especially sad for Joseba and Mayoz because I met them in person and they seemed like really nice guys.

Euskaltel also said that there could be other riders to follow but let us hope that this won't happen.

3 opmerkingen:

Magnus zei

It's too bad, I really liked Joseba too, but that's lide, huh? If you don't perform, you're out...

nils zei

Mayoz was a nice guy, he was always friendly :(

Lizzard4567 zei

yeah there were really friendly but there's on positive point, we will get to see two other riders in the eneco tour next year (if euskaltel still rides this race)