zondag 16 september 2007

Tour of the Future : Javier Aramendia

This week the Tour de l'Avenir (in english the Tour of the Future) was held and because next year Javier Aramendia will be in the Euskaltel team, I followed him a bit and I have to say I'm not really happy with his results. He didn't show himself much and his best place in a stage was a 36th place. Of course I don't know if he really focussed in this race, but it's a very important one so he should have.

Stage 1 : 44th +0.58
Stage 2 : 41th +0.14
Stage 3 : 66th +6.37
Stage 4 : 58th ST
Stage 5 : 83th +2.45 (TT)
Stage 6 : 76th +2.42
Stage 7 : 44th +3.12
Stage 8 : 36th +1.43
Stage 9 : 49th +3.12
Stage 10 : 42th +1.23
Overall : 33th + 16.23

I also discoverd an other Basque rider who did really good, Beñat Intxausti. He got 5th in the general rank and in a certain stage he got third. He also rode a great time trial (for a basque rider) with an 18th spot. But when I googled his name, I found out that Saunie Duval already gave him a contract for next year :(

2 opmerkingen:

Magnus zei

Yeah, that's a shame. Euskaltel were interested in him, but he chose Saunier:( Don't lose faith in Javier Yort! He'll become a great rider.

Lizzard4567 zei

I really hope so ! Euskaltel needs some finishers