zondag 4 mei 2008

Asturias 2a : Beñat 9th

Euskaltel did a lot better in the second stage of the Vuelta Asturias then they did in the first one. This stage was also a bit easier so it became a sprint after several attacks from different 'unknown' spaniards. In the sprint it was Stefano Garzelli who took the victory in front of Diego Milan and Bernardo Riccio. Beñat Albizuri prooved that he can sprint too and placed himself on a good 9th spot. Jon Bru came in on an ok 25th place. Samuel Sanchez came once again in after the first ones but he probably saved himself for the upcoming time trial later this day.

1. Stefano Garzelli Acqua Sapone 2:07:16
2. Diego Milan Acqua Sapone ST
3. Bernardo Riccio Tinkoff ST
9. Beñat Albizuri ST
25. Jon Bru +0:02
35. Aitor Hernandez +0:02
71. Gorka Verdugo +0:02
100. Antton Luengo +0:02
120. Andoni Lafuente +0:02
125. Samuel Sanchez +1:15
129. Javier Aramendia +11:03

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