woensdag 7 mei 2008

Asturias 5 : Gorka in break & 6th

It was the last stage of the Vuelta a Asturias today and once again Gorka Verdugo was in the break. Togehter with six others he rode away in the beginning, but the favourites were too tired so they let them go. At the end Gorka didn't have the power anymore to follow Julian Sanchez, Samoilau and Urtusan sprinted for the victory. The latter won and Gorka became 6th on 22 seconds.
The first Euskaltel rider in the general rank is Gorka Verdugo on the 70th place.

1 Pablo Urtasun Perez (Spa) Liberty Seguros 4.51.18 (37.98 km/h)
2 Branislau Samoilau (Blr) Acqua Sapone - Caffe Mokambo +0.02
3 Julian Sanchez Pimienta (Spa) Contentpolis - Murcia +0.06
6. Gorka Verdugo +0:22
70. Samuel Sanchez +4:41
71. Beñat Albizuri +4:41
74. Javier Aramendia +4:41
80. Andoni Lafuente +4:57
84. Aitor Hernandez +4:59
88. Jon Bru +4:59
91. Antton Luengo +4:59

General Rank
1 Angel Vicioso Arcos (Spa) LA MSS 19.52.27
2 Xavier Tondo Volpini (Spa) LA MSS +1.06
3 Bruno Pires (Por) LA MSS +1.42
70. Gorka Verdugo +30:39
74. Samuel Sanchez +31:37
78. Aitor Hernandez +34:02
105. Antton Luengo +47:31
111. Beñat Albizuri +55:52
112. Andoni Lafuente +55:53
113. Javier Aramendia +57:36
114. Jon Bru +57:56

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arnout zei

I saw most of the stage, and I guess that small Spanish teams are not very clean. E.g. Urtasun was alone in front for kilometers and was taken back with 5km to go. After that there were some attacks, Gorka looked good in the beginning, but the other kept attacking. At last Sanchez Pimienta got a small gap, with much effort and after that it was the same Urtasun who closed the gap within seconds. In the sprint he also outsprinted the other ones by meters. Sorry, but I do not believe him...

Lizzard4567 zei

I haven't seen it but it made me suspicious too. I also think it's very scary that three men of La-mass are in front of the general rank :s

arnout zei

Yeah, and the way how :S

In the 4th stage on the last mountain La-mass was on front with a few men and they got rid of the whole peloton.

Samu takes it easy I see. Some 25 kilometer before the finish there were three Euskaltel riders in the front part of the peloton, but I guess they did not like the rain the last few kilometers :P

arnout zei

Don't take the last paragraph of post before this one seriously, little mistake by me ;)

Lizzard4567 zei

It's really weird how before every big tour the doping cases start to live again :x

Where did you actually see the last stage ??

arnout zei

A livestream on the internet. I forgot to say it here I am sorry but many Spanish small Tours (with Euskaltel involved) are on local TV, and that local broadcasters often have livestreams on their site.

On www.myp2p.eu you can see if there are any races to be seen on the internet, very usefull site when you have nothing to do but learning exams :P

Click on myp2p -> Live sports -> Cycling and you can see the races which are on now and which are scheduled. For example the Giro is scheduled on saturday. Well, we have Sporza for this race, but for some we haven't. You can watch nearly every race (sometimes very bad quality though) with this site.

Lizzard4567 zei

I forgot to check that site :s Magnus once showed it to me. But one time they aired the Klasika Primavera but it wasn't on that site :x

You already have exams ? :s I start the 6th of june, terrible :p

Is dutch tv not playing the giro or do you just prefer our tv ? I personally hate Mart Smeets when he talks about cycling, but I like him when he talks about ice speed skating :p

arnout zei

Yeah, and basketball I believe, but I never watch that sports ;) I love cycling, like football and formula 1 and tennis and other sports are not my favourite (though sometimes volleybal can be very nice to watch, and I also saw most of the WC Snooker :o ).

I believe NOS does not broadcast the Giro, or maybe only the weekends. We don't have a very big cyclingcountry, only the big classics (and Gent Wevelgem and Fleche Wallone) and the Tour are broadcasted, and the stages on saturday and sunday in the Vuelta too. When the NOS does broadcast cycling, I prefer NOS. I am a bit nostalgic and I actually like the legend of Smeets. With Maarten Ducrot he is not that bad actually. Ducrot is strange too btw, always talking about "new way of cycling this season, no doping anymore, young riders which are riding oke, races which are different from last year in the way they are ridden. He may be right, but he tells that around 20 times on a day :S And when Dijkstra is commentator too, he can do dat even more. Dijkstra thinks he is brave when he also talks about that topic. I always have to laugh when Dijkstra begins with talking about it, in a wrong way, and Ducrot says he is not right. Dijkstra is quiet for a moment then :P They have legendaric conversations during stages though, very funny to hear. For example every time they see canoos: "Kun je daar Kanoën, Maarten?" "Ja, dat kan, maar is wel heel moeilijk." "Heb jij dat al eens gedaan?" "Laat ik daar maar niets over zeggen, want ze kijken thuis mee". Interesting, isn't it :P

Ducrot: "Maar deze twee hebben nu 2 lachende Discovery's in het wiel. En dat is de reden waarom je mee moet zijn" Dijksta: 'Deze twee', als jij het op het scherm aanwijst kan de kijker het niet zien!" Ducrot: "Dat zijn..." Dijkstra: "...de Discovery's bedoel je". :D:D

Really funny sometimes. Read this page, you will laugh whole the time: http://nl.wikiquote.org/wiki/Maarten_Ducrot

I do not like Wuyts actually. He is too much a fan of Boonen, and even worse, of Evans :S

My exams begin 19th of May, but I have only once exams. I believe in Belgium you have three times a year or something?

Lizzard4567 zei

I like Wuyts, he knows alot but can say stupid things about Euskaltel, like last year in the Tour he said that it was a b-team :o with Haimar, Mikel and Igor just becasue Samuel wasn't there ! But my favourite is Karl Vannieuwkerke, he's my big example :p Love his theater shows too.

Only in the first four year we get three exams, now we only have two