zondag 11 mei 2008

Interview with Koldo about Giro

-How does it feel to arrive in the Giro with two victories on your conto ? It gives a lot of confidence and tranquility, you don't arrive with nothing, not like in the past when the team wanted me to already do good in Mallorca so I was tired in the Giro. Now I began in Murcia and I won there, a good signal. It's better than I expected and I have great expectations. I don't think there will be many sprint stages, in the first 13 stages maybe 4 or 5. There are some that end on a small climb and that can play in my cards. Such a small climb can kill people like Cavendish, Brown and McEwen.

-What is your goal ?
To win a stage, if I win more, even better but one would not be bad. I haven't one a sprint in a great tour yet. After the vuelta I changed my mentality. I realised that it's difficult to exceed Petacchi and Bennati when they are at top speed, so I should start the sprint myself. That's what I have done this year and it worked. Every year I make physical progress but even more mental progress.

-Who will be the sprinters to beat ?
Bennati more than McEwen. He's 36 now and when he was younger he was already the best in the Tirreno, now he got passed by everyone. The main sprinter will be Bennati. He had some problems with his knee and he had to take some rest so he arrives fresh at the start. He only rode Trentino and Romandie, where he won a stage with an uphill finish.

-Does it cause extra pressure to be the leader of the squad in the Giro ?
Not for me. I only put pressure on myself to do well. Through the years I have learned to stay calm, I'm maturing.

-Are you gonna get enough aid in the sprints ?
Galdos, Alan Perez and Irizar will help me. Also Dioni can help me in the final part. Of course I don't have a Marco Velo or Ongarato, but Markel is a good one too. Galdos and Alan can defend themselves good and try to do something in the last kilometre. I'm happy with the team.

-What will be your objectives after the Giro ?
I don't know, when the Giro ends I will talk with Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano. I know and like the Vuelta and there are many opportunities for riders like me. For me I don't care to ride in September, but I would like to participate in one of the next editions of the Tour. I would like to ride it this year, but I don't know if I go, it will depend on the Giro and if I win a stage. I know the Tour team is very good with Haimar, Samuel and Mikel. I'm not going to say that they have to take me along but if I want to win a stage there once, I should get some experience there. In the Giro I will ride thirteen stages, then I may quit.

-Isn't it important for a sprinter to ride the last week ?
It's ideal to ride thirteen stages, hopefully win one, and then retire. The last week it's too strong with all the climbs. It's not good to remain so thin. But that's my opinion and I should talk about that with the equipment.


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arnout zei

Thanks a lot for translating, very interesting!

He talks like a man with a lot of confidence. He talks like men as Freire or Petacchi, that is very good to read. I think he can be a sprinter like Petacchi in future. Petacchi himself only started sprinting really good when he was older than 28!

Lizzard4567 zei

Yep, I think he has a great future too !